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Ever wondered where our logo originally came from?
Meet it's creator Wilf who tells all . . and more ;)

Where did the clubs name come from and what inspired you to design the logo?
Mainly the club name. When we first started we had a vote on what we should call ourselves and Banbury Bulldogs was the winner. It’s a long time ago now but I seem to remember ‘Banbury Bullets’ was another alternative!
I researched graphics – both bulldogs and hockey on-line before I sat down to draw him.

How was it drawn initially, 'puter or good ole fashioned pen and paper?
The original logo was drawn with pencil and paper. It was then scanned in and digitised so that we could share with the shirt makers etc.  The fill (colouring in) was done using a programme called Draw Plus.

Any future aspirations for our beautiful logo, namely Winston? i.e. The clubs own branded hockey wear etc?
You can already get Bulldogs gear from Sew Sublime – just pick the garment and they can add the logo to order.

Were you ever paid for creating the logo . . . .?
Seeing the logo on the team shirts when we line up for a match is reward enough.

Groovy, and now let's talk about you . . . .

Favourite ice hockey team?
Don’t really follow ice. GB teams are too average and I can never be bothered to stay up late to watch NHL.

Favourite ice cream flavour?
Whatever I last brewed up in my ice cream maker – the last one I made was vanilla with honeycomb and chocolate shavings.

When I'm not playing hockey I play the saxophone and flute, I go running (partly for fun and partly to keep in shape for the next season) and I also love to cook Masterchef-stylie.

What would you walk twenty miles for . . . ?
Family, friends, sore feet.

Skating plans for 2013/2014?
Avoid injuries.

How long have you been on wheels?
I started skating on Alex’ 8th birthday (he’s 22 now). We went to Toys’R’Us so he could choose a present and he decided to get some in-line skates, so we all ended up with a pair. We used to skate ramps and go to Radlands in Northampton. It was Darren who talked me into having a go at hockey in 1999.

Which teams have you played for?
Mostly I have played league for the Bulldogs but in seasons when we couldn't field a team I have also played for a side based in Uxbridge called the Cossacks and, in the last two seasons, Heyford Sky Kings.
My most successful times have been in vet tournaments, when I’ve played with Banbury Bulldogs when we won the Oxford Vets tournament two year in a row. Sadly, most of those guys have moved away or no longer play.

Best style of hockey . . . field / roller / skater / ice / puck . . . have I missed any . . ?
Skater Hockey is the only game in town. Puck is OK, but the biscuit is too unpredictable on a sports hall floor, which makes the game too much of a lottery.

One person who you'd like to be sat next to at a hockey match . . . Nelson Mandela? Mozart? Jim Carey (urgh!) Cat Woman?
That depends on who is playing hockey… if the match is dull I’d like someone to distract me from the game Flavia Cacace, maybe, or Natalie Lowe.

Thank you Wilf. The Bulldog salutes you!

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