Our Seniors behaving like Juniors . . . oh wait most of them are

Junior Matches 8 September 2013

Pee Wees v Chippy Red, 8 September 2013

Banbury & District Show, Spiceball Park - 9th June 2013

Another successful day for us at this years Banbury Show. Well done to Carolyn, Darren, Ricci, Harris, Carol, Martin, Fiona, Mim, Victoria and Piglet, for getting there at 8:45am to set up (and in freezing conditions too) and of course big thanks to Wilf, Dawn, Dave, Lulu, Neil, Tyler, Paige and Markuss for coming to lend a much needed hand . . 
Long and tiring day to one side, we all had a brilliant time and had such a laugh . . huge thanks to the stalls who helped promote us and THANK YOU to everyone who visited the stall, took a leaflet, bought a raffle ticket or just smiled, you made our day ;)

Roll on 2014 . . . . lol

Curry & Quiz Night, Chenderit School, Middleton Cheney - 1st February 2013
Darren Capel, Wilf Illife, Carolyn Capel, Fiona Turner, Martin Abbott
Question . . . Mammal that has the longest gestation?
Fiona "blue whale?"
Darren "elephant"

(ummmmm for some reason we stuck with blue whale d'oh!)

Question . . . Blackthorn berrys are called what?
Darren "sloes"
Fiona (completely misheard the question) and disagreed . . . . cough

Question . . . why the chuff did anyone take any notice of me . . . . ?
Sadly the never ending supply of blue M& M's peanuts took their toll. That's my excuse anyhoo.

Banbury Bulldogs came joint 4th!
We would of been 3rd!
I bought a round of drinks as penance
Still Darren went on, and on, and on, and on.
And Sue Abbott made 6

Presentation & Awards Evening, December 2012 
'Club Person of the Year Award' - Martin Abbott
'Pee Wee Managers Award' - Ellen Ryder

'Pee Wee Players Player Award' - Aimee Wakelin

'Coaches Pee Wee Award' - Mim, Reece & Max
Youth Managers Award
Alex Hawtin, photo to follow

'Youth Team Players Player Award' - Jai Robinson

'Coaches Youth Award' - Becca Weatherley

'Junior Managers Award' - Jack Abbott

'Junior Players Player Award' - Dave Ballaam

'Coaches Junior Award' - Ricci Cappel

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