Friday, 11 January 2013

And on the 7th day, Carol baked some cakes and all was good!


Tomorrow's cakes, baked as always by the lovely Carol Wakelin (Mum to number 42 x 3), are . . . . wait for it . . . . 


Roll on tomorrows training is all I can say and I for one will be taking a foody container along to transport the 4 I'm bringing home in. Diets are for wimps!

Now as Carol doesn't blow her own trumpet, bugle or recorder I shall do it for her.
Last year Carols cakes (and the teas and coffees etc) added over £300 to club funds which is amazing! She buys all the ingredients, gives up her time (like she isn't busy enough eh?) just so's the rest of us get to stuff our faces with the most delicious of cakes.
Thank you Carol, the Bulldog salutes you!

P.S Put me down for an extra 3 to eat at training!

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