Friday, 1 February 2013

Robbed of 3rd by a sloe blue elephant . .

In true Bulldog spirit the 'Banbury Bulldogs Quiz Team' (yes we do have one . . . of sorts), Wilf, Darren, Carolyn, Martin and Fiona took on other intelligent teams, 'Quizzy Rascal', 'Horse Burgers' 'Norfolk and Hope' to name but a few, at tonight's 'Curry and Quiz Night' held at Chenderit School, organised brilliantly by the fabulous School Association bods . . . 

Anyhoo, if it hadn't of been for a 'sloe blue elephant' we'd have come 3rd, as it was we came a more than respectable, joint 4th.
Uhuh, the rest of the team were very clever!

But oh, don't some people go on . . . . and on . . .
Typical of Darren, if he mentioned the sloe blue arrrrggghhh elephant once, he mentioned it a million times, on a loop akin to a broken record . . .  he's never ever going to let it drop that if it hadn't been for the 'sloe blue chuffing elephant' that ultimately cost us 3 stupid chuffing points, yeah yeah blah blah blah joint 4th, yawn, whatever . . 
And before anyone else starts, NO 3rd place wouldn't of won us a prize . . . or have got us a certificate so hello? Does it chuffing matter . . . ?!!!

Stupid sloe blue sodding elephants to one side, it was a really good evening, everyone enjoyed themselves even though the hateful sloe chuffing blue dumb elephant cost someone not too far away a round of drinks as penance . . .  Shamim got us a point (yay) and he wasn't even there, the bar almost ran dry and the food was lovely. 

P.S If I hear one mention of the sloe blue elephant tomorrow Darren, so help me I won't be responsible for my actions . . . 

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