Saturday, 1 June 2013

When is 42 more than a number? When you're a Wakelin that's when!

Aimee (pictured above probably about to score), the latest Wakelin to sport the number 42 shirt in all things inline, our Pee Wee Captain for 2 years running, selected for the Regional Team in 2011 and 2012, member of our Youth Team at last years Nationals . . . .an already impressive list of achievements we think, however, the expectations that come with being 42 or a 4 to the others 2, are pretty massive.
First there was Chris Wakelin (42) an exceptional player, then just behind came Magic Wakelin (42), he who was Team GB's Junior Captain at last years Europeans and who has won more trophies than i personally have ever seen in my life, when they played in the same team Chris was (4) and Magic (2), we have it on good authority that this was Chris's proudest hockey moment, him as (4), Magic as (2) which really is just too ahhhhh for words.
So you see following in the skate steps of so many (42) achievements the pressure must be massive.
At tomorrow's regional trials our Pee Wee Captain is going to do her damnedest to be selected for a 3rd year. Of course we all wish her good luck but quite honestly luck doesn't come into it (I think it might be banned for all 42's) , nope luck doesn't come into it if you're number 42, every achievement comes from hard graft, sweat and passion, that's how it works for the '42s'.
Even so Good Luck tomorrow Aimee, you deserve to get selected, you've earned it.

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