Saturday, 30 March 2013

Bulldogs very own Captain Jack . . .

Not a pirate (obviously), this season's Youth Captain, Jack Abbott (make a note of the name because he'll go far) speaks really highly of his team mates, he also speaks very highly of the club and come to think of it he even speaks very highly of the Youth Team Manager . . . and that's his Dad!
In a nut-shell Jack Abbott is an incredibly well-mannered, genuine young man who deserves all the respect he receives. Yeah, he'll be a pretty good Captain we think.

Tomorrows matches are against Ash and Oxford, how do you think the team will perform?
"I know the team will give at least 110%, they did in our opening 2 matches, the final results of both matches no way mirrored how well we played that weekend, we were pretty proud of ourselves, tomorrows matches will have the same committment from everyone in the team so we'll see"

Which team in the league do you want to beat the most?

Before matches when you all go for a warm-up run, is it true that your Manager (Martin, his Dad lol) runs with you?
"Yep, he came 3rd last time! Alex and I just beat him"

Best hockey moment?
"At last years Youth Nationals, I think we were playing Eastbourne, apart from Becca (goalie) there was only me and Jai on the rink, Jai still scored, it was brilliant"

You're one of our up-and-coming coaching stars, following in the footsteps of Zach, Magic and Ricci, do you plan on training to be a coach or official in the future?
"If I can then yes, definately, I really enjoy it. Coaching our new 'Street Hockey' sessions with Ricci is great fun and I'm learning alot"

Favourite colour?

Best X-Box game?

When you get your pilots license can I have a free flight to New York or somewhere?

So, Heyford may have kick started Jacks love of all things inline but we Bulldogs have made him one of our own.
Good luck and kick much a$$ tomorrow!


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