Saturday, 9 March 2013

Ricci Capel talks hockey

First matches last weekend as Junior Captain Ricci, how was it?
"Pretty good, I enjoyed it"
Even though we didn't win that weekend, how do you think the team did, were you happy with everyone's performance?
"Yes, everyone in the team gave 110%, I couldn't ask for much more than that to be honest, I knew they would put that amount of effort in that's why I have a lot of respect for them, first weekend of the season, we were just finding our feet, we're still going to qualify for the Nationals"
Is that this seasons goal then, to qualify for the Nationals?
"Yeah, that's one of my goals"
Ok, so which team in the league would you most like to beat?
"Definitely Ash, and we will"
You've played at every level, minnow, pee wee, youth etc, for any pee wee reading this what's the difference when you play matches as a junior compared to matches you played as a pee wee?
"It's a lot faster, harder, so much more physical at junior level, by the time you get to play as a junior it's not too much of a shock to the system if you've been training hard and listening to what Tony (Coach) tells you to do . . . it's just very physical and fast at junior level"
You've been selected to try out for Team GB this year . . how did that make you feel?
"I was really glad to be nominated, very proud and of course Jai and Alex R. were invited to try out as well, if all 3 of get picked it'll be brilliant"
You do quite a bit of coaching these days, the Street Hockey Sessions for a start, is coaching something you enjoy? Is it something you're going to keep doing or do you fancy moving into the world of officials, being a ref and stuff?
"No way do I want to be a ref, I enjoy coaching, Jack and I coach the Street Hockey players, it's good fun"
Yes the younger players have a huge amount of respect for you, it's nice to see
So, your bestest ever hockey moment was . . . ?
"Scoring my first goal as a pee wee in 2005"
Your Mum's just told me that you scored the winning goal at the pee wee Nationals in 2005 against Swindon . . . remember that?
"oh yes . . . lol"
Finally, were you really called Pocket Rocket as a Pee Wee?
"No, my Mum made that up"
Oh? Lol, uhuh, cheers Ricci ;-)

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