Sunday, 28 July 2013

and Alfie makes 23 . . .

Street hockey = beaming smiles, enormous fun, great confidence building and much, much more.

In the last few months we’ve seen our street hockey club get more and more successful with yesterdays newbie Alfie making it 23. Outstanding! That’s nearly enough players for 5 scrimmage teams I’ll have you know and boy do they like their scrimmages or what!

Hats off and huge thanks to coach Ricci (also our junior captain) for leading the sessions & to his coaching assistants Harris (junior assist) and Jack (youth captain and 2013 youth SASH team assist). Because of their coaching skills and enthusiasm 5 of our street players have already joined the club most also signing up to play league with another 3 or 4 players nagging their parents to do the same, brilliant!
Well done guys. keep up the good work!

Now if I was to pick a ‘street player of the week’ then this weeks imaginary award would go to Dylan, I’ll swear he’d velcro’d the ball to his stick and was just awesome to watch, can’t wait for head coach Tony to see him in action, yes well done Dylan!

My rounds of imaginary applause would be for Becca, our youth team goalie, who through illness has been absent from training for an absolute age, lovely to see you again Becca, glad you’re feeling better and thank you for helping our new pee wee goalie Emily train, much appreciated ;)
For Emily for taking such a huge step (girl power!), for Alfie for giving it his all and for Carolyn (club secretary & pee wee manager) for making such fabulous gooseberry muffins nom nom nom . . . . and then some.

In the pipeline . . . .
Riccis street player of the month awards
Organising friendly matches against other street hockey clubs, please let us know if your child would be interested in this.

Yesterday was great.


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