Sunday, 16 December 2012

Come in number 42, your times up . . . .

Aimee Wakelin (42) Pee Wee Captain 2012 pictured doing what she does best, scoring!
The Bulldog caught up with Aimee, the out-going Pee Wee Captain, at last nights presentation and awards evening . . . I spoke to her at the start of the evening, well before the countless bottles of downed coke sugar rush took its effect and babble mode kicked in . . . . ah yes, the Bulldog is wise!
So number 42, the answer to life, the universe and everything . . . you've had a pretty impressive year but as Captain what was the one thing you were most proud of?
"Being Captain to the hero's of the Pee Wee team, Max, Mim, Reece and Ellen who turned up every week for training and who turned up for every league match even though we sometimes only fielded 4 players which is really tough going. Their commitment and dedication to the team and the club is what I'm most proud of, they're just awesome."
And your proudest moment?
"Getting picked for the SASH Dream Team, I was really surprised and yeah really proud".
So was the club Aimee!

Well done and thank you.

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