Friday, 14 December 2012

Words of Wisdom from Jai

Jai Robinson (81), 2012 Captain of the Bulldogs Youth Team
The Bulldog caught up with the retiring Youth Captain last night at training . . . 
In your role as Youth Team Captain, what was your proudest moment this season?"Leading the Youth Team out at the Youth National Championships."
And best personal moment for Jai the hockey player?"Scoring an awesome penalty at the Youth National Championships against Stanstead Hurricanes." 
There were nods of agreement all round, it really was a mighty fine penalty!

Alls that's left to say is thank you Jai for being an outstanding Captain this year. 
The Youth Team say you've done a brilliant job and everyone at the club I'm sure will agree that you've been, as always, a fine ambassador not just for the club but for the sport itself.

Good luck in the Junior team for 2013 . . . keep scoring awesome penalty's!

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