Saturday, 15 December 2012

You've been pretty magic, Magic . . .

Magic Wakelin (42) Junior Captain 2012

At last I managed to catch up with this years Junior Captain, Magic Wakelin.

Nice tattoo . . . always impressed with stupidity and bravery!

Anyhoo, the Bulldog wanted to know,

What would you say has been your proudest moment this year as Junior Captain?
"I'm really proud of how the younger youth players stepped up and played for the junior team this season, they worked really hard for the me and did a brilliant job".

And your proudest personal moment would be . . . ? I asked already knowing the answer but there you go . . lol,
"Most definitely it would be winning a bronze medal at this years Europeans as GB junior captain, representing the junior team and also representing the country was an absolute honour, my dad was pretty proud of me too which doesn't happen too often . . . lol".

Alls that's left to say is well done Magic, yes you've been magic, your achievements with Team GB have done the Club proud, you are most definitely one of Banbury Bulldogs stars!

Thank you for all your hard work as Junior Captain, keep up the outstanding work!

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